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The Solution-focused Approach

What is Solution Focus?

The solution-focused approach is part of the new wave of thinking about effective change that includes appreciative inquiry and positive psychology. This approach aims to work collaboratively with clients who understand their own circumstances well in order to arrive at a solution that is pragmatic and realistic to fit their needs. The result is a respectful, brief therapy with workable solutions that the clients can actually carry out by making needed changes.


Solution-focus is a big idea that focuses on small steps and keeping it simple. This means that you can start using it to improve your business and your life straight away. It is a future-oriented, goal-directed approach to solving human problems of living.


All therapists and coaches of Oopful have been trained professionally by Ilfaro (Leuven) and Korzybski Institute to be solution-focused therapists and coaches. The following are the principals that are withheld by Oopful:


1. Focus on solutions not problems

You get what you focus on! Understanding the problem won’t necessarily help you reach the solution – and any time spent talking about the problem is time you’re not moving towards the solution.


2. People already have the resources they need to change

As do teams and organisations. In any situation some things are already working – find them and do more of them.


3. Change happens in small steps

And a small change can have big consequences.


4. Work at the surface level

You don’t need to ‘understand’ someone else’s problem to help them find solutions.

Why Solution Focus is worth knowing about...

1. It’s simple – so that anyone can pick it up quickly and use it.


2. It emphasises what’s already working so it offers a practical route away from a blame culture.


3. It’s effective and it gets results quickly.